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Kattalo's CEO Guest Stars on Exciting AI Podcast

In the latest episode of the popular podcast AI Snack, our very own CEO and founder Pether Wiklander made a guest appearance. Together with four other AI startups in the education space, Pether led an inspiring conversation about how modern technology can contribute to student learning and development.

In the hour-long broadcast, Pether highlighted how Kattalo, with the help of AI, can make teachers' work more efficient while providing children with the individual guidance they need for their language development. He also described challenges such as privacy issues, but argued that the benefits of AI in schools outweigh any potential concerns.

Furthermore, Pether deliberated on what skills may become especially important to develop in children in an AI-influenced future. In addition to creativity and critical thinking, he particularly emphasized the importance of empathy and social competence.

"The more technology takes over certain functions, the more important it becomes to strengthen the ability for interpersonal relationships and emotional intelligence in our children," said Pether.

The conversation covered everything from technical innovation to pedagogy and existential future contemplations. A thought-provoking and inspiring episode demonstrating AI's potential to contribute to development and learning, not least in schools.

Listen to the full episode here.



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