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The App

With a calm idiom and through visual and auditory perception, the keys are made available to crack the reading code. The first exercises already work from preschool age. The progression system increases the challenge in step with the child all the way up to and including grade 3.

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Kattalo's font is designed to resemble the letters the child learns to write by hand at school. This means that the child gets a head start when it comes to recognizing the letters and how they sound when they come to preschool class.


Kattalo has a smart digital keyboard that adapts to the child's skills and the task being done. For example, certain functions are hidden from the younger children so that they can more easily focus and find the right key.


Kattalo balances challenge and reward to always give a reason to return to exercises.

Regardless of whether the child takes his first language steps or explores the world as a writer, there are suitable challenges. 

Letter Sounds & Speech synthesis

Letter sounds are played as children write, helping them learn to sound out words. Combined with an advanced system for synthesized speech, it helps the child immediately hear how the written words sound, regardless of how they are spelled.


Kattalo continuously gives the child feedback and encouragement. This is partly done with fireworks and stars when tasks are completed, but also in the form of encouragement or clues if the children seem to hesitate or lose focus.


Kattalo supports both tablets (iOS and Android), Chromebooks and web. The child can move freely between units and thus continue at home, after working with Kattalo at school.

Further development

Kattalo is constantly on the move. The content is renewed and expanded to constantly ensure both support and challenge. The service you buy today is even better tomorrow!
We have a strong user focus and have continuous dialogue with our customers to listen to their needs.

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