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Together with educators and researchers, we have developed a digital learning tool for early language development.

Kattalo works just as well in the classroom as it does on the couch at home.

Teach children to read and write!

Try with the whole school

We think it is important that you can make an informed decision before you buy a license. That's why we offer all new schools a 60-day free evaluation. Absolutely no requirement for a continuation.


Kattalo follows the child's development and is designed so that the challenges gradually increase in step with the individual.


Kattalo's exercises are designed based on research in early language development and in close collaboration with experts in the field.


Kattalo is a game-inspired experience that creates engagement and motivation with the aim of attracting the child to reach the next level of knowledge.

More than just an app

Kattalo consists of an app for students and a portal for teachers. The app also works great for you as a parent if you're looking for quality screen time for your child.

The app is designed to appeal to children and encourage repetition. With clear voice instructions and calm idioms, there are exercises for the very little ones, all the way up to those who need a challenge in practicing spelling language sounds or why not write their own stories.

The app

The teachers portal helps you as a teacher to save time and better individualize the education. All statistics for your students are collected here, regardless of where and when they use the app. You can calmly follow their progress and customize the content.

The Teachers Portal

Get started with Kattalo today!

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