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Everyone should be able to succeed

The Kattalo app is groundbreaking in that it is specifically designed for children and their needs. Digital teaching aids and educational apps are normally designed for a target group that consists of both children and adults. For example, with prompts in an app whose purpose is to teach children to read.

Our unique teaching methodology is proven to help children develop their reading and writing skills from the ground up, with results ranging from single letters to coherent sentences. Let's explore what makes Kattalo's pedagogy so effective and innovative!

A deep dive into Kattalo's pedagogical methodology

Kattalo has its origins in research on phonological awareness and children's learning patterns. We have combined this research with modern technology to create an educational platform that engages and supports children's learning in an intuitive way. By integrating the phonics approach, we focus on the systematic connection between sounds and letters to strengthen decoding skills, while balancing this with language comprehension, in line with The Simple View of Reading. This holistic approach is crucial for early intervention in preschool and early primary school, the most effective period for developing strong readers and preventing literacy difficulties.

From basic sounds to complete sentences

We understand that every child is unique and has their own learning needs. Therefore, Kattalo's pedagogy is designed for differentiated learning, where the app adapts to each child's progress and difficulties. By offering challenging exercises while supporting and guiding, we create a safe environment where each child can develop at their own pace.

Build the future with Kattalo

Kattalo is more than just an app – it's an educational journey that shapes children's future by giving them the gift that above all reading entails. Through our unique methodology, we not only train children's phonological awareness, but we also open doors to a world of reading, writing and self-confidence. Together, we build a strong foundation for their academic and personal success.

Our educational methodology is divided into carefully designed steps that take children from phonemes to constructing and understanding whole sentences. Through interactive exercises, inspired by games and a customizable learning experience, Kattalo supports each child's individual learning pace and level. Our goal is to awaken their curiosity and enthusiasm to explore the world of language.

A customizable experience for everyone

With Kattalo, we constantly experience the joyous moments when a child who once only knew a few graphemes now reads and writes complete sentences. This progress is not only a product of our pedagogical methodology, but also of the strong commitment of the children themselves and their educators and/or guardians.

From sound to reading and writing






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