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Kattalo signs municipal license with Hylte

We are happy to announce that we have signed a municipal license with Hylte municipality for all primary schools and adapted primary schools. The license agreement gives over 500 students in the municipality access to Kattalo's solutions for reading and writing development.

"This agreement is an important step in our efforts to help strengthen every child's linguistic abilities. Together with Hylte, we can create greater equality and give students tools to develop regardless of background." says Pether Wiklander, CEO of Kattalo.

The initiative for the collaboration came from a teacher in the municipality whose children went to school in the neighboring municipality and had positive experiences with Kattalo. This was noticed by the responsible officials.

"We became curious when we heard about the good results Kattalo had shown elsewhere, and saw a potential to offer our students modern tools for language support." says Maria Gull Erlandsson, System Administrator at Hylte municipality.

With the new municipal license, the hope is that Kattalo will contribute to increased goal achievement and desire for learning among Hylte's students. Together we create a stronger future!

For more information, please contact:

Pether Wiklander

CEO and Founder, Kattalo

Phone: +46 70-840 23 54

Want to know more about how Kattalo can support your school, municipality or region?

Contact us to discuss opportunities and create a stronger future for our students.

About Kattalo:

Kattalo is an edtech leader that is passionate about redefining learning through innovative digital solutions. By combining educational expertise with modern technology, we strive to create meaningful and engaging learning experiences that help every student thrive.



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