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Kattalo launches new reading comprehension feature - combining the best of digital and analog learning

Today, we are proud to present the latest addition to Kattalo's ecosystem for language development - READ! With this innovative feature, we take an important step towards strengthening students' reading comprehension through a unique combination of physical books and digital tools.

In Kattalo, children already have access to PRACTISE where they progress at their own pace from the alphabet to reading full sentences, as well as WRITE where they create their own texts with instant audible feedback. Now, the platform is complemented with READ, which gives teachers the opportunity to easily create tailored reading comprehension tasks for specific books.

"With the READ feature, we are taking the next step in uniting the physical and digital worlds. By connecting real books with customized questions in the app, we create a seamless experience for the student. This is the future of educational materials!" says Michael Söderman, CTO and co-founder of Kattalo.

Here's how it works:

  1. The teacher selects a book from Kattalo's database or adds a new one by scanning the ISBN code.

  2. A reading comprehension task is created with an availability date for the student.

  3. Questions are selected from Kattalo's library, written by educators or authors, or the teacher creates their own. Both multiple-choice and open-ended questions are available.

  4. The student scans their personal QR code and immediately sees in the app that a new "Read" task is waiting.

  5. The child reads the physical book and answers the questions digitally, without seeing right or wrong.

  6. The teacher follows the students' results both individually and at the class level to map progression and implement targeted interventions.

The genius of READ is that the feature takes advantage of the strengths of both physical and digital learning materials. Children get the tactile experience of flipping through real books, while the teacher can tailor tasks and follow each student's development with a click of a button.

"Finally, a digital solution that enhances the reading experience without replacing the books! I look forward to being able to personalize tasks according to my students' levels and interests. This will do wonders for their reading comprehension!" says Denice Sverla, a teacher in Ekerö.

We know that reading comprehension is crucial for students' continued knowledge development. By working both "on-" and "off-screen", Kattalo creates an integrated learning environment that stimulates different senses and learning styles. Regardless of whether the child prefers to read on paper or screen, they can develop at their own pace with the right level of challenge.

The READ feature aligns with our focus on personalization and data-driven insights for the teacher. Follow-up becomes smooth and provides a basis for making well-founded decisions about each student's reading. The feature is an important step towards our vision of supporting every child's language journey with the help of modern technology.

We are convinced that the combination of traditional and digital learning materials is the key to success in a time when reading comprehension is declining. With READ, we give teachers a powerful tool to motivate students and promote joyful learning. Through creative solutions like this, we contribute to an equitable school where every child can reach their full potential.

Are you curious to discover how READ can enrich the teaching in your classroom? In the coming months, we are arranging free webinars where you get an in-depth look at the feature and the opportunity to ask questions. Sign up here and we'll get back to you with more information.

For us at Kattalo, it is a privilege to be part of the school's digital transformation. We will continue to develop tools that put learning at the center and equip students for the future. Together, we create a more creative and inclusive learning environment!

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