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AI-assisted feedback

In step with the progress of AI, we at Kattalo are exploring how this technology can simplify and enrich teaching. We're now introducing AI-assisted feedback, a ground-breaking feature that relieves teachers and improves the quality of response to student stories.

This feature is developed to further enrich the feedback process. By AI analyzing student texts and creating inspiring feedback suggestions, the teacher's work is facilitated and creativity is stimulated. With a simple click on "Suggestions from AI" the teacher can give each student a personally adapted and positive feedback, with the possibility of adapting the proposal for an even more personal touch.

The advantages are many:

  • Time saving: Reduced writing time for teachers.

  • Consistent quality: AI ensures consistently high feedback quality.

  • Creative inspiration: The AI proposals stimulate innovative thinking.

  • Personal development: Students receive tailored and encouraging feedback.

In addition, this function reduces teacher procrastination. The lower mental threshold to start writing feedback means that teachers feel less stressed about "piles growing". The result is a more efficient and engaged teaching environment.

To use the feature, version 3.0.3 or later of the Kattalo app is required.



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