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Better monitoring of results

Updated: Feb 21

At Kattalo, we are happy to present a brand new way for teachers to easily follow students' progress - the results views in the Teacher Portal! With the new views at both class and student level, you as a teacher can see each student's overall results and development over time.

In Kattalo, students collect stars for each completed exercise, up to three stars per task. The results views clearly show how many stars each student has earned in total and provide an average score. This allows you as a teacher to quickly get an idea of where extra support is needed.

Overview at class level comparing the number of stars against the reference value

The results can be sorted, filtered and focused to look at them from different angles. This allows you to discover if individual students need extra help in certain areas. You can also compare with the average for the whole class.

Our hope with the new performance views is to help unlock the potential of every student. By tracking their progress, there is more opportunity to tailor support and guidance where it is most needed. Together we can go further!

Overview of all the exercises for a student, compared to the class average.

Please try the new results views in the Teacher Portal and tell us what you think. Let's support every student's journey to the stars together! ✨



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