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Kattalo Gears Up - Welcomes Per Clingweld as Investor & Partner

Today at Kattalo we are delighted to present Per Clingweld as a new co-owner and growth strategist. With his 20 years of experience building successful tech companies, Per will be an invaluable asset on our continued journey.

For several years, Per has been an appreciated sounding board for us founders and contributed valuable insights into product, marketing, and expansion. We are now taking the next step in formalizing this collaboration, as Per's knowledge and commitment is needed now more than ever in a time of rapid growth for Kattalo.

"Having Per closer to our everyday operation feels completely right in the phase we are in. He shares our passion for making a difference through technology and innovation," says CEO Pether Wiklander.

"Per's positive energy and willingness to challenge our thinking has contributed a lot since the start. We now look forward to having full access to his expertise," adds co-founder Michael Söderman.

Per himself describes the motivation behind becoming a co-owner: "Kattalo has a unique ability to combine technical innovation with a genuine commitment to student development. I am inspired by the vision to make reading and writing learning accessible to every child through AI-driven solutions."

Per's interest in Kattalo has personal roots. His daughter Chloë was one of the very first users who got to test the early prototype of the app. She loved Kattalo already then and still uses it diligently in her schoolwork today.

With Per on board, we now aim to accelerate our growth and go from being a leading company in Sweden to a global player in AI for reading and writing learning. Together we will realize the vision of a future where all children, regardless of background, can develop literacy skills to reach their full potential.

For more information, please contact:

Pether Wiklander

CEO and Founder, Kattalo


Phone: +46 70-840 23 54

Do you want to know more about how Kattalo can support your school or region?

Please contact us to discuss possibilities and to create a stronger future for our students.

About Kattalo:

Kattalo is a leading player in Edtech, passionate about redefining learning through innovative digital solutions. By combining educational expertise with modern technology, we strive to create meaningful and engaging learning experiences that help every student thrive.



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